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Everybody is yourSELF pushed out. What does it mean?

„See the world as nothing more than yourself pushed out and everything in it as aiding the birth of your imagination, for the behavior of the world relative to you determined by the concept you hold of yourself! It doesn’t really matter what your individual personal life is, the whole vast world is yourself pushed out and everyone in it is there to aid the birth of all of your imaginal acts. Regardless of whether it takes one or one hundred thousand, everyone will play his part, and you don’t have to ask his permission for your world is animated by your own wonderful human imagination.” – Neville Goddard in “Test Yourselves”

“Everybody is you pushed out”. That’s I guess the most popular Neville’s quote ever. But what does it really mean? Does it really mean that other’s don’t have free will and will do what I want them to do?

So… Technically, yes. „The whole wast world is yourself pushed out”. Important to notice – „yourself pushed out”, not „you pushed out”. Why is it worth noticing?

YourSELF is who you are – the state you are wearing.

YOU is who you REALLY are, way beyond this physical reality. The true you is consciousness.

And consciousness is the only reality. And consciousness experiences the world through states – identifications.

So what „everybody is you pushed out” does really mean?

Does it mean that others are your slaves? No. Not at all. It means that they and you are one, they prolongate you. 

It means that everything starts within you /me, everything, including the behavior of people around you/ me confirms your/ my concept of myself. Nothing it separated from me. Nothing and nobody. Literally…

“The moment you think of influence, you reduce a miracle to magic. All the people in the world are only yourself pushed out. No one has the power to hold you back or promote you, for you are self-promoted or self-restricted.” – Neville Goddard. 

Don’t listen to Youtubers who try to convince you that others don’t exist. They do. They are as real as the present you, the you, you know. Me, Koti – that person hasn’t existed last year. In the past, I was someone else. And every relationship I had was different. People I know were different – I experience them differently today. They have changed because I changed – my states changed.

I changed. And I did that by changing my states, that’s the only way.

Me, Koti I am the same real as others. Or the same NOT-real as others. And they aren’t puppets. They won’t do what I will make them do with the power of my mind. But they will synchronically mirror my states.

It’s always about me as only me exist.

Only myself exists – only the states I’m in create my world. Only yourself exists – only the states you’re in create your world.

That’s why don’t make it about changing others – influencing others to do things to make you happy. It will be a hard way full of struggle. And I’m not a fan of that approach.

Because if you’re focused on what do you want someone else to do you’re skipping the who do you want to be part. You’re reacting, you want him to love you for you to be loved. While you could just enter the state of being loved and there, from there it is obvious that he loves you back. 

Make it about you, your fulfillment, your happiness and you and all around you will end up fulfilled and happy.

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