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Yes! You can change your past – Revision.

Do you know you can really, really change your past? Yes, you do. That’s what revision is for. Simply imagine that the events in your past that you want to change – went EXACTLY as you wanted them to go. Imagine, feel and give life to your chosen version of the event. With the revision, you can rewrite your history by giving yourself new memories.

“What you think of with feeling or emotion is an actual fact. That which you experience in the physical world is merely a shadow, reflecting the reality of your imaginal activity. Therefore, when you revise a conversation, an unhappy experience, or a quality about yourself, you are literally experiencing it in reality.” – Neville Goddard

Hou to use revision?

You can use revision in 3 ways:

1. Turning bad into good
Any painful, ashaming or in any way bad experience? Reverse it.
Imagine a specific event go your way.
Or imagine what follows is going your way. Ex. If you had a bad day or a bad relationship, you don’t have to reverse every single thing about it. Just change your feeling about it.

2. Turning good into great.
Any not fully satisfying experience? Anything that you feel would be even better? You hit a small lottery win? Turn that into a big win. Did someone give you a free coffee? What about having also a free cake? Your holidays ware amazing, but actually, you dream about a luxury cruise? You bought something with a 50% discount, but what about having it 70% off instead?

3. Giving yourself new memories.
How would your life be if you have started your business 10 years ago? Or how it would be if you were the most popular guy in high school? What if you have started diving into Neville earlier? Or learned that extra language when you had the opportunity last year? Enrich your life with revision.

NOTICE: Important bit. Don’t use revision as a fixing tool only. Use it in all the ways.

How does it work?

Revision will change your feelings and impressions about your past. It will also change the consequences and effects of past events. But IT WILL NOT replace the realities and take back all your memories in an instant. Like any other Neville’s technique revision requires a surrender:

Prayer is to be contrasted with an act of will. Prayer is surrender. It means abandoning oneself to the feeling of the wish fulfilled. If prayer brings no response – there is something wrong with the prayer and the fault lies generally in too much effort. Serious confusion arises insofar as men identify the state of prayer with an act of will, instead of contrasting it with an act of will.” – Neville Goddard

Don’t make a revision a weapon in the battle against your memories and past. No, after revisioning the break up you won’t magically wake up in bed with your beloved like nothing happend. It won’t be like in the movies. Life is not a movie – and it’s a good news!

Surrender to what you have chosen, feel that as true and see what happens.

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“The outer world is a delayed reflection of the inner and is confined to a dimension of space where events occur in a time sequence. Revision, then, literally changes the past. It replaces what occurred in the outer world with the revised version. The revised scene then gives off its effect by going forth to change future events.” – Neville Goddard