Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Miracle Month – payment plan

$130,00 / month for 5 months


DAILY SUCCESS STORIES with use of the law of assumption.

How does it sound to you?

Learning how to manifest every single time effectively can be exhausting and confusing. Especially that there’s so much contradictory info out there. Some say to affirm as every time, and others just to live in the end. But what does it all mean? 

 You feel like you tried everything but still get inconsistent results and don’t know why? You daily watch and read manifesting content, but it just makes you have more questions?

Here’s where I can help!

The only thing you need is to experience your own miracles in your own life. And understanding how you made them happen.


  • always knowing what and how to imagine?
  • manifesting based on states when things happen for you automatically
  • Changing and staying in your chosen states with ease
  • having daily wins and effortlessly manifesting whatever you want
  • having the change in your life so obvious, so you have others asking you HOW?
  • NOT need to spend hours on techniques or chase every thought you have


Don’t you know how? You’re still confused about what a state is? You trying to feel good all the time and think the right thoughts, but it’s so hard!

You’ve been trying “all the things” gurus on the Internet are telling you to do, but nothing seems to be working. You visualize daily, but nothing’s happening… You feel so great and excited when you are imagining, but then… it’s just evident that it’s not there.

Or maybe you’ve actually seen some minor success, something started to happen or even happened, but then… all went back to how it was in the beginning.

Or maybe you can easily manifest small things but still struggle with your big wishes. Or you just have this one big desire, not interested in anything else, but it’s not happening. 

It doesn’t have to be like that!

I give you my word!

 I was like that. I was a witch, tarot lady, devoted to healing her family’s karma till my life more than obviously started to fall apart. Ok, it felt apart. And I couldn’t understand why as everything I was doing for years before was being positive and practicing gratitude. Then I discovered Neville Goddard. His concepts were so simple that I had a hard time accepting them! And I had so many questions and confusion, I had no idea how to put all of that into practice. I had to unlearn everything I knew before.

It took me almost 2 years, but I broke it. So now, I teach.


Using the law of assumption:

  • I manifested tripling my income. 
  • I left my day job and manifested being a successful business owner. 
  • I lost over 20 kg, smoothed my skin, and had a HUGE physical makeover. I manifested my before naturally straight hair to get curly. (That last one people find hard to believe, but it’s true!)
  • I transformed ALL of my relationships and manifested many new great friends.
  • I manifested finding a new flat and moving out during lockdown in spring 2020.
  • I manifested travels, people, and things.

And all of that is because I made Neville Goddard’s law of assumption my way of life. And now I want to show YOU, how to do the same!

Not only did I do intense inner work on truly BELIEVING it’s working… I tested it in all the areas of my life. I tested the techniques. I become all about practice, and now I am ready to share ALL I KNOW with YOU. At your own peace, clearing up your confusion bit by bit, giving you practical solutions, hacks, helping you find the techniques that work best for you, and guiding you through the whole process of manifesting. We start with learning in-depth about states, so using them will get easy for you! 

That’s what Miracle Month is about:

  • Five one hour long 1:1 calls, only you, me, and your questions.
  • Every call is recorded for your use only, so you have all the info.
  • Unlimited guidance in between. So when you have a question or doubt, you message me directly.

It’s still you manifesting. I am your bridge and accelerator in your process of getting it.

You can get it all alone. For me, it took 2 years despite using courses, programs, and reading a lot of Neville himself. I didn’t have anyone who shared to share experience with me in the way I needed it.

Would it be worth it for you to have that mentoring?


Our calls will be held via ZOOM and will be recorded for you. I will never use this recording; it’s yours only to go back to what we shared and keep getting more and more from it. 
The calls with me requires your openness and commitment to invest. Please mind that I teach Neville Goddard’s law of assumption based on my personal experiences.
This is not a replacement for any professional advice. Results can not be guaranteed.