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If you keep asking how to overcome doubt while manifesting – here are your answers!

Some of those following me today, maybe that’s even YOU, know me from Twenty Twenty’s group on Facebook. It’s Law of Attraction by Neville Goddard, and now I’m a moderator there. Or how Twenty calls it, a black belt. It happened because other people confirmed that I know how the law operates, know how to use it, and give useful advice that helps others.

But it wasn’t always like that… I came to Neville from the BSC world. From Crazy New Age-land, where I was a tarot reader and masochistic Hellinger fan… And on my beginning with Neville, I quite struggled with his method. I wasn’t thinking it’s easy. And I was making manifesting way more complicated than it is.

What helped me to stop doubting and struggling?

I learned how to stop my mind, thoughts, and emotions from getting in my way. Our head and the logical brain tends to be the biggest obstacle when it comes to manifesting… We want to know and try to figure out how it happened and want to take inspired action and… Then manifesting is a struggle, maybe it’s your case now. Then this guide is for you.

In “A complete guide to manifest easier than ever,” I share the secrets that helped me succeed.
Thanks to Neville’s method, I went from a crappy apartment to the one I like. I lost weight, improved my skin and totally transformed my style. I changed my boho cotton tote for a designer handbag… And it’s such a fun because this bag cost me the money that used to be my salary three years ago. Imagine what happened to my finances!!!
I manifested friends and transformed relationships. I left my job, and now I have my dream business. And more. Most of it happened within a year.

Do you want that kind of transformation for yourself?

I guess that the answer is “yes” then I will guide you through basics of Neville Goddard’s philosophy that will help you quiet your mind and save you some time. Because manifesting is the fastest when we don’t mix in any stupid shit. From this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What is the difference between Neville Goddard and other teachers? What’s so special in Neville Goddard’s law of assumption?
  • What is identity-based manifesting, and why it’s so fast?
  • How to stop struggling and start winning in manifesting?
  • What does mean “everybody/ everything is you pushed out” and how to use that concept to manifest people, objects, and skills?

We’ll go through all of that in 7 steps. Yes, seven. 7. Why so many? To calm your mind, give it an activity to avoid it from overthinking against your desire. At the same time, you don’t put anything “extra” to the original Neville’s formula. That’s why it’s so effective.

Your bonus:

“Effortless manifesting class” audio recording. This class created a base for that book to be written. It’s almost 2 hours of gold and wisdom. You’ll love it!

“Wow! It all has happened in such an amazing way” – do you want that to be your manifesting reality? Then GET THIS PROGRAM!


DISCLAIMER: This is not a replacement for any professional advice. Results can not be guaranteed.



“I love your ebook and the audio. You’ve done a superb job. Honestly, I love how you’ve made it simple and effective. I applied it immediately and something definitely changed. I feel at peace, calm and I KNOW that what I have imagined is a fact. Just fells like mmmmmm nice. I feel at rest. I even noticed my breathing is low, slow steady and relaxed. I surrendered” – Devrim


“Koti! I purchased you program today and I’ve already listen and read all the links attached. I just love how you describe Neville’s teachings, which honestly has been very frustrating for me. But today I’ve just felt that something clicked and I am excited to apply now more than ever. Thank you!” – Hanne


“This ebook answers so many of my questions! Isn’t it wonderful!” – Kasia


“Koooti!!!!! I love your ebook! I mean audio also, I’ve listen to it 2 times already! It’s brilliant, yet so simple. I’ve never done anything like naming my crappy state before. Yesterday I did it, I named myself an idiot with men. (I know some people call me that way). And like you said, it helped so much to detach from my old state. I felt how much that “name” is true when I’m behaving like I used to. I don’t want that anymore! I don’t want to be an idiot! I want to be loved, cherished and admired by my partner! And right now, it seems so possible!!! Thank you!” – Ann