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Manifestation Script



The ultimate manifestation script you need to claim your manifesting powers. Here you have everything you need to know and learn to manifest your dream life into your reality.

You came here to learn how to start manifesting consciously, not get crazy, and not get lost with millions of different techniques and approaches out there.

You need a foolproof formula that you can easily test yourself. And here it is, the Manifestation Script with all the info you need. No fluff, no BS.

My Manifestation Script is for you if:

  • You want to be confident with your manifesting skills and method.
  • You want to manifest fast and with ease.
  • You want to be able to manifest many things at once.
  • You want easy and repeatable manifestation success stories.
  • You want to be doubt-free.
  • You want to effortlessly feel good while manifesting and stay away from negative thoughts and emotions.

I have a formula for easy manifesting, and I’m going to teach you that!

Hi! I’m Koti Tea, a no BS manifestation coach. I help women own their life with conscious manifesting and live a happy, fulfilling life where you have everything you want. I am an ex-witch who got tired of shadow work and constantly chasing my thoughts. I was struggling AF. I was doing everything to do everything right, and it wasn’t working as I wanted…

Can you relate?

So now, I found a better way to manifest dreams and to turn desires into reality. It’s called identity-based manifesting.

“Identity-based what?” – Identity-based manifesting. Manifesting base on who you choose to be.

Don’t wait. Get that Manifestation Script and learn effective manifesting today!


DISCLAIMER: This is not a replacement for any professional advice. Results can not be guaranteed.