Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Manifesting LOVE Masterclass


This Manifesting Love Masterclass will teach everything you need to know to manifest your soulmate and have the most amazing relationship.

If your goal is LOVE, unlimited and unconditional LOVE – this program is for you.

My Manifesting LOVE Masterclass is for you if:

  • You want to feel unconditionally loved
  • You want to learn self-love.
  • You want to manifest your soul mate into your life
  • You want to manifest your SP.
  • You want a relationship deep, intimate and loving.

I have a method and techniques, and I’m going to teach you them all!

Hi! I’m Koti Tea, a no BS manifestation coach. I help women own their life with conscious manifesting and live a happy, fulfilling life where you have everything you want. I am an ex-witch who spent years dealing with karmic lessons while everybody else started happy families. And then I said, “enough!”. And I started manifesting the love and relationships I always wanted.

You CAN have that relationship. YES! That’s possible for you!

Don’t wait. Get that Manifesting LOVE Masterclass and learn how to manifest the love you always dreamed about!


IMPORTANT: Masterclass recording has NO subtitles!
DISCLAIMER: This is not a replacement for any professional advice. Results can not be guaranteed.