Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Manifesting BEAUTY Masterclass


The best manifesting beauty class with verified that will teach you verified techniques to change your physical appearance with manifesting.


How would it be to get up and smile to yourself in the mirror when you see yourself in the morning? And think that you’re beautiful, exactly like you were in love with yourself and your body?

How would you behave around that handsome guy? Confident and sexy seeing flirtiness in his eyes?

Do you know what research shows attractive people have more success and more dating experience than their unattractive friends? It’s science,  beauty matters; it permeates society and affects how we perceive ourselves and others.

How would that be if, when reading that sentence above, you felt it’s about you?

Beauty is something that we all want – we want to be pretty, get compliments, have that sexual power, be trusted, admired, and feel confident in our bodies. 

You can have that. It’s possible for you. And you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and starve yourself to earn” it. 

It’s yours RIGHT NOW with the help of this Manifesting Beauty Masterclass….


  • Feeling fantastic in your dream body.
  • Buying all the clothes you always wanted but weren’t fitting into them.
  • Constantly hearing compliments about how great you look.
  • Getting bored with compliments (Imagine THAT!)
  • Loving your reflection in the mirror
  • Stopping wearing makeup because your new clean face doesn’t need it
  • Being always asked to recommend products to your friends because “you look so good.”
  • Stop hiding from the camera unless it has all those filters.

 Does it sound familiar:

  • You’ve been trying “all the things,” fitness gurus told you, keto (and you missed cookies), IF (that ruined your social life) and low caloric diets… (They worked amazing… for a while), and you’re still fat and think you’ll never lose weight as you love food too much.
  • You tried all the creams and makeup tricks, but nothing seems to be working. You are ready for the surgery if it wasn’t so expensive. You’re jealous for all those celebrities who always look good. Like you think you never will.
  •  You heard that it’s possible to use the Law of Attraction to manifest looking better, maybe you have tried that too, but your mirror took all the hope. Nothing was changing!

Changing the way you look doesn’t have to be this hard!

I promise. I know it because I did it too.

I have a method and techniques, and I’m going to teach you them all!

Hi! I’m Koti Tea, a no BS manifestation coach. I help women own their life with conscious manifesting and live a happy, fulfilling life where you have everything you want.

IMPORTANT: Masterclass recording has NO subtitles!

*Class is non-refundable and does not guarantee results, nor is it a replacement for professional advice.