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Month of transformation

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1:1 program to transform your life inside out. I will be with you as your support, not letting you fall into your old stories and old states you want to leave behind. Be ready for a transformation. Let’s bury your old self and give born to your ideal self!

What you get:

  • 5 weekly 1:1 sessions with recordings
  • weekly “homework” and check ups
  • unlimited support via WhatsApp



Hire me and steal my attitude making mine success stories – yours. I’m Koti Tea, Neville Goddard’s orthodox, ex-witch, who got her aha moment that transformed my life after a massive struggle. Now I want the same for you.

Thanks to Neville’s method, I went from a crappy apartment to the one I like. I lost weight, improved my skin, and totally transformed my style. I exchanged my boho cotton tote for a designer handbag… And it’s such fun because this bag cost me the money that used to be my salary three years ago. You can imagine then what happened to my finances…
I manifested friends and transformed relationships. I left my job, and now I have my dream business. And more. Most of it happened within a year. Now I want the same for you.

My coaching is for you if:

  • you feel that your case is unique and want personalized and discreet advice
  • you want to skyrocket your manifesting, but you feel stuck for now
  • you want to save time with gaining the info and dive right in
  • you want to have a wonderful chat that will open you to more wonder in your life
  • you like my success and want to make it yours

Our session will be held via ZOOM and will be recorded for you. I will never use this recording; it’s yours only to go back to what we shared and keep getting more and more from it. 


*The session with me requires your openness and commitment to invest. Please mind that I teach Neville Goddard’s law of assumption based on my personal experiences.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a replacement for any professional advice. Results can not be guaranteed.